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Ultimate Guide to Instagram - on all things Hemp!

Staying connected is more important than ever. With plenty of valuable content out there it is crucial to be able to access it in an easy and consumable format. We recently took to Instagram Guides to set it up with topics that generate a common interest when it comes to Hemp. 


If you’re wondering what Instagram Guides is all about - we’re here to simplify it for you! If you’ve been a part of our community on Instagram you know we often put out educational and informative content that you’d like to refer back to at times. We understand that the content shelf life on Instagram is momentary, making it cumbersome to search through if you need to look for something specific. To come around this problem, what we’ve done is created a user-friendly, creative, and interactive way to share new (and old!) content with you!


Come discover everything you need to know about our Hemp products through a fun magazine style of reading. Covering all aspects of hemp and its benefits, hemp seed oil for cats and dogs, hemp - the sustainable crop and a whole lot more through our latest set of guides on Instagram.


Guide on Hemp Protein (click here)

A favourite subject for most people looking out for plant-based protein, powered with tons of other nutritional value. We’ve named it our Heavy lifter for a reason that it’s a favourite of most athletes and sportsmen who have switched to Hemp for their protein fix. Learn more about its flavour, taste and how you can consume it through this set of guides. We’ve also created a simple checklist to show you why this plant-based protein needs to be a part of your nutrition plan.


Hear it from nutritionists and fitness experts as they share their views on Hemp protein. Explore a range of recipes that include simple smoothie bowls, shakes, desserts and even ways in implementing Hemp protein into Indian cooking.




Guide on Hemp hearts (click here)

The life of the party! Read up on why these little hearts have earned their superfood title. An important one indeed! No doubt they have a peculiar taste, read up how you can work its flavours with a whole lot of interesting ingredients. From soups to salads, including your daily comfort food, hemp hearts are one of the most versatile seeds that can be sprinkled away on almost everything!



Guide on Hemp trail mix (click here)

Hemp trail mix - the adventurer! Made from Hemp hearts, flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, this nutrient-dense superfood improves your energy, mood and immunity. Explore ways of consuming it. Whether it’s snacking or a substitute for a meal on the go it’s multi-functionary. What can you expect? - you’ll discover that there’s no wrong way of using our trail mix! ;)



Guide on Hemp seed oil (click here)

If you’re looking for something that cares for you internally and externally then you’ve got to meet our Hemp seed oil. We call it ‘the carer’ for a reason. Besides its multiple benefits for overall well-being, hemp seed oil can be used topically on skin and hair and can be consumed orally too! Recipes, usage and benefits, we’re sure that you will take back more than what you’re looking for from this guide.




 Guide on Hemp and sustainability  (click here)

Hear it from the founders on why we exist. Everything about sustainable and healthy life choices. The impact Hemp has on our plant and how it is linked to our lifestyle. A whole lot on our sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. A crux, base and foundation to why we do, what we do




Guide on Hemp for cats and dogs  (click here)

We understand this brings in a lot of questions that need to be answered. We’ve consolidated most of them for you! Our cold-pressed hemp seed oil is natural, nutritious and nourishing for your furry companions. Learn about all its benefits and usage, the simple do’s and don'ts - all here on this set of guides!



We hope this has been of help to you! If there is anything specific you would like us to include under our guides section, write to us at connect@indiahempandco.com


Join our community on instagram and grow along with us in contributing to making our planet a better place.


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