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  • Hemp Seed Oil - Dogs
    Hemp seed Oil (HOP) - Dogs - India Hemp and Co.
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    Rs. 540.00
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    Rs. 540.00
  • Good Doggo Hemp Treats
    Good Doggo Hemp Treats
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    Rs. 890.00
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    Rs. 890.00
  • Hemp Seed Oil - Cats
    Hemp seed Oil (HOP) - Cats - India Hemp and Co.
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    Rs. 540.00
    Sale price
    Rs. 540.00
  • Woof Pack
    Woof Pack
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    Rs. 1,280.00
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    Rs. 1,280.00

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Recipes by our Home Chefs

With this Cookbook by our Home Chefs, we officially welcome you to this community of creative foodies! A space where we connect, create, inspire and learn together. Here, we care for our environment, just as we do our mind, body and spirit! =) 



(Hemp) one of the highest plant based sources in the world! It's very important to have good quality protein in your diet. For your muscles, for you to be able to recover, for your aches & pains. So why not add a little bit of it, everywhere.

Mari B - Health Coach

The hemp hearts are a tasty delight to cook with! I sprinkle them on my salads, grilled vegetables and dips. Adds a deleicious earthy flavour to my receipes.

Chef James - Britallan Kitchen

The seed trail mix makes for an amazing snack. I also use it to sprinkle on my favourite dishes and buddha bowls. This superfood is highly nutritious and packed with goodness.

Sarah Edwards - Nutritionist

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