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Frequently Asked Questions


Hemp is one of the most nutritious super seeds derived from cannabis sativa plant

Uttarakhand - up North, the land of the Himalayas.

No. You will not get high as hemp does not contain THC (a psychoactive compound found in Marijuana, not hemp).

Hemp is both earthy and nutty in flavour.

Helps boost overall wellness of mind and body, both internally and externally.

You can sprinkle, snack, and drizzle on your daily food.

Best when mixed with water, fruits (like bananas) and nuts. We recommend you always use a blender.

Top it on anything, soups, dals, sabzis or smoothies.
Also perfect as a snack to keep hunger pangs at bay.

Drizzle on salads, chutneys, dosa for an extra boost of nutrition. Do not cook with Hemp oil, only use it as the final garnish for complete benefits.

It has the ideal omega ratio 3:6.

Contains 20 amino acids. Also has destin and albumin which are easily digestible. 100% natural and plant based.

Yes. It is completely safe. Although do check with your doctor before giving it to children.

The omegas present in Hemp do help in reducing anxiety. Although in severe cases, it might have to be treated with CBD.

Topical application of the hemp oil can bring in a sense of relief. Although in severe cases, it might have to be treated with CBD.

Yes it does. Helps in moisturising skin without clogging out pores. Helps in regulating extreme dryness and the skin's natural oil production.

Helps in Pain Relief, Bone Health, Soothing Effects, Fights Glaucoma, Insomnia and Sleep Issues.

Yes they are 100% natural and plant based with no artificial flavouring, preservatives or additives.

No, we do not add artificial flavouring, preservatives or additives.

Yes cultivation of Hemp and manufacturing of Hemp products are legal in Uttarakhand in India.

It’s safe to use everyday in moderate quantities. 2-4 tbsps is usually what we recommend.

2-4 tbsp of Hemp Hearts and Hemp Protein a day
2 tbsp of Hemp oil
A handful of Trail Mix

Explore our recipe book for Indian and Global food with Hemp

Yes. Explore our recipe book for Indian food with Hemp



Helps calm anxiety, Treats IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), with seasonal allergies, reduces inflammation & skin irritation, boosts joint health and mobility, maintains moisture balance of skin & fur. Supports immunity, gut and brain function.

Try spraying in small quantities around their toys, bed, play area. Get them to familiarise with the smell and eventually you can include it in their food

Yes. It works perfectly well for a healthy coat and shine. Also helps reduce shedding

You can spray it directly on their gums/mouth or into their food. You can also use it topically on their fur.

Yes, it does.

Start with a small dosage (2 pumps, 1.5ml) and increase gradually (3ml) It also depends on the size of your dog.

Q&A for Dog treats

Small dogs: 2-3/day
Medium dogs: 4-5/day
Large dogs: 6-7/day

Preservative-free. No added flavours. No filler ingredients.

Fortifying bone density| Keeping blood sugar levels in check |Treats anaemia |Boosts nervous system function

Natural flavours of Ragi and Hemp with a faint tinge of cinnamon.

Needs to be refrigerated once you open.

No odour at all. Faint fragrance of cinnamon