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Hemp Recipes

Our tribute to the rise of the Home Chefs 

Baked some sort of bread in the last couple of months? More curious about nutrition? Making/wishing you could make some soul-happy comfort food in these crazy times? Read on.

The recent lockdown instigated a whole new set of emerging Home Chefs from all over the country, and the world. Some of them pushed themselves beyond boundaries to experiment with new flavours, ingredients, style of cooking and so much more. It not only paved way for every home kitchen to turn into a food lab but we also saw that it kept families busy while maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet!

To keep the excitement going we at India Hemp & Co. introduced a Home Chef Challenges, engaging our community to use hemp in creative, fun ways and to share their creations with us. This challenge brought together an entire community of people from different walks of life that put up some unique dishes and recipes worth sharing with the world! A BIG thank you to you all, we're sending you love and warm hugs.

We were pleasantly surprised, to see our products go into comfort food like Indian breakfast food, sandwiches, salads and even desserts. We have shortlisted few recipes that we think may spark ideas and help make a space for Hemp in your lives, kitchens and onto your plates!

With this Cookbook by our Home Chefs, we officially welcome you to this community of creative foodies, a space where we connect, create, inspire and learn together while caring for our environment, as we do our the mind, body and spirit! =) 

Ready for some inspiration? We are. Let's get creating!

You can find us on instagram (@indiahempandco). 

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Sharing the the joy of this festive season, with free home delivery on those bundles!