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Interview with Dr. Abhijeet Bhograj on the importance of hormonal balance

Hormonal Health 

Did you know hormonal imbalance can significantly impact overall health? This is not always in your control. There are, however, elements that you can control. Your emotions, mental health, and physical health are greatly influenced by hormones. As an example, they play a major role in regulating your appetite, weight, and mood.

In conversation with Dr.Abhijit Bhograj who is an expert in hormone health, diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorders, and the founder of 7 Sugars, we discovered that we share similar beliefs. You will learn how to identify a problem at the onset, how such problems can be resolved, precautionary measures and a lot more from this interview.


1) How do you identify/diagnose hormonal imbalance?

When there is too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream, there is an imbalance in hormones. Even a slight imbalance can cause side effects throughout the body. Here's what you can look out for:

  • Be aware of the changes in your body and how they affect you
  • Body aches, bloating, poor digestion
  • Pay attention to small changes


2) What kind of treatment plan, medication do you recommend?

There are more than 50 hormones in the human body! A few examples of hormones are melatonin (which regulates your sleep cycle), adrenaline (which prepares your body to "feel the rush"), oxytocin (which makes you feel good), cortisol (which allows your body to respond to stress), and progesterone (helps during your menstrual cycle).

The best way to discover if specific hormones are out of balance is by telling your doctor which symptoms. But here's a blanket rule for not just hormonal but overall wellness:

  • The importance of eating a balanced diet
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of yourself.

3) What happens when untreated?

Numerous chronic, or long-term, diseases are linked to hormonal imbalances. In the absence of proper treatment, you may be susceptible to several serious diseases. These are some tips to help you monitor your health:

  • The body starts to slow down
  • Weight gain, swollen feet, joint pain
  • Ignoring small aspects of metabolism can lead to larger problems
  • Always consult a specialist when in doubt


4) How does Hemp help with treating hormonal issues?

You can use hemp to alleviate the symptoms of hormonal imbalance in your body. A common cause of hormonal imbalance is inflammation. Anti-inflammatory properties are a major characteristic of hemp. Chronic conditions can be avoided and delayed by maintaining the right balance in lifestyle, stress management, and eating habits.

  • Treatment involves nutrition primarily
  • Superfoods are essential
  • Hemp bridges the gap between your regular diet
  • Even snacking should be refined, the right kind
  • By using superfoods wisely, issues can be resolved

Key takeaway!

Hormones play a role in every aspect of your life. Your body functions optimally when you have a balanced lifestyle overall. Consuming nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and making healthy lifestyle choices go a long way towards improving your hormonal health.


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