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What makes people inclined towards sustainability?


What makes people inclined towards sustainability?

Sustainability is essential for a healthy environment and a better quality of life for everyone. Sustainability contributes to the creation and maintenance of favorable environmental, economic, and social conditions that allow humans and nature to live in productive harmony.

An industry is considered sustainable if it has a minimal impact on its daily functionalities and communities. For a better quality of life, it's not only important for our surroundings to favour sustainability; but it starts with every individual adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

As global warming and carbon footprints increase from individuals and industries, so has unexpected natural disasters. Conservation of the environment is crucial for the benefit of present and future generations. This alarming situation is often overlooked as we opt for other viable options available in the market.


A few reasons why people don't choose sustainability are as follows:

Inadequate government policies:

Using natural biodegradable resources instead of human-made non-biodegradable resources is a moral responsibility. Likewise, the government has a responsibility to make sure citizens and industries are adhering to it. Environmental policies must be formulated by the government to encourage people and organizations to be environmentally friendly. They should ensure that the establishments sell their produce in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging, such as tree free packaging, instead of plastic bags and paper bags. Likewise, we should forgo buying non-biodegradable items such as plastic and search for sustainable alternatives instead.


Ineffective from a cost perspective:

For any organisation, profit is the primary goal, and in the pursuit of that goal, the environment is often neglected, resulting in a greater carbon footprint. In small-scale organisations, organic packaging may not be an option due to the costs associated. Plastic or paper packaging are readily available in the market, so they opt to use them. 


Motivational and knowledge gaps:

Motivating individuals to be environmentally responsible is essential. Employees should be motivated to develop sustainable initiatives and innovative ideas that help businesses grow without harming the environment, such as using renewable resources instead of non-renewable ones. Go green by choosing eco-friendly packaging. 


Inevitably enticing

Despite one’s desire to be environmentally responsible, at times one is prevented from opting for sustainable options since brands offer irresistible deals and products that may not be environmentally friendly.

Would you also consider yourself to be one of those who neglect sustainability? Taking responsibility for the environment is imperative for the betterment of ourselves and others. Consider using sustainable packaging to sell and buy different products. Educate your friends and colleagues on the dangers of non-biodegradable plastic bags. 


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