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Celebrating our two year anniversary at Hemp & Co.


Written by Kaveri Poonacha
(Team member at Hemp & Co.)

We believe that as a start up, taking the time to celebrate milestones along the way is essential for reflection and growth. We've connected the dots looking backward, so perhaps it's time to pause and reflect on how things have evolved, what has worked well, and what we can be proud of. Despite being a small company, when we took the time to review everything we accomplished in just two years, it does seem quite significant, which we are excited to share with you.


Shalini and Jayanti, our founders, have a bold way of breaking stereotypes, innovating and creating magic in an entirely new industry, making it a dream project for everyone involved. With both of them handling different vertices of businesses, let's take a closer look at what they have to say about year two. As you read on, you'll see why they make excellent business partners, with different perspectives, but driven by the same goal.


Year two was filled with significant achievements. Which one of them was special?

Shalini: Our first set of investors! So glad to have met them and for trusting and believing in our vision. 

Jayanti: We were in the top 20 companies amongst 11500 to be incubated at IIM Bangalore. It involved a year of studying and running a business simultaneously. It was exhilarating to know that our company was one of the chosen ones. Now with adequate mentorship, support, network, and tools by one of the best business schools, we’re set to grow.


Over the past year, what has been the most significant growth?

Shalini: Both as business owners and as a brand, we've entered a new phase. The risks that we've taken have both paid off and helped us learn.

Jayanti: We created a new line of Hemp treats for pets in India. 100% natural and plant-based with zero preservatives and additives. A first of its kind.


A collaboration that makes you proud?

Shalini: We had a really fun collaboration with the team at Everything Design - @Mejo and @Ekta, who went over and above to deliver some really fun content for our pet launch. Shout out to them and our pet actors! We appreciate all the effort.

Jayanti: Loved being a part of @namurecommends vegan market, it was wonderful to meet people who had supported us for two years now. 80% of those at the market had used our products - it was fantastic to hear! 


What has kept you motivated through the year?

Shalini: The goal of creating value for a more sustainable future. We strive to provide solutions that are a win-win for our customers. Both for their needs and for the environment. A huge challenge lies ahead as we align with the UN's Sustainable Development goals, which is currently work in progress.

Jayanti: We grew by living outside our comfort zones. A business that grew through two lockdowns, nothing could stop us thereafter.


How do you envision your goals and plans for 2022?

Shalini: To grow consciously. New verticals, new geographies. Build mindfully. Sustainability, and meaningful innovation on the forefront.

Co-create inspiringly. Grow our team!

We're looking to grow our team and as expected from an entrepreneur, here's a little plug! We're hiring! In Business Development, Sales and Design - connect with us if you're interested.

Jayanti: As an industry, we  hope that the hemp market in 2022 will be more structured, so that we can achieve all our Sustainable Development Goals.


Tell us about your team and how they have progressed with the adaptations. 

Shalini: We're lucky to have a really driven team who we're very proud of! HUGE shout out to Kaveri, Kirtana, Rahul, Champa, Rida, Zeba, Mylar, Jyothi and Prajakta as well as our current collaborators Jobin and Bhavana and special nod to  Mr.Gopal. And of course, my energy bomb of a co-founder sister and massively supportive parents.

Jayanti: We are largely a women-based team. In terms of company growth, we want to support and empower other women-run businesses, which is how we can walk the talk. As a team, we're really happy that everyone is on the same page and genuinely enjoys their work. As needed, our team steps up without having to be asked. I really couldn't have asked for a nicer set of people to work with. In addition, my sister Shalini is so good at communicating and dealing with issues that arise, which is one of the many things I greatly appreciate about her leadership. 

Now that you know a little more about us, we hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.  If you're interested  in collaborating, feel free to write to us at connect@indiahempandco.com. Thank you for helping us become who we are today. As we move forward, we hope to fulfill all our dreams and plans in the years to come.


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