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Hemp - the immunity booster we need!

Looking at the brighter side of things, the pandemic has taught us all to make healthy eating a habitual one. While we switch to natural remedies like turmeric, ginger, garlic, honey, lime to boost immunity, we’re here to throw light on another super seed which is slowly but surely making its way back into most Indian households.


 Hemp is one of the most nutritionally dense plant-based foods available to us. Going back to its use in the Vedic c times, and continues to be used in Ayurveda. This superfood has been extensively used for overall well being. Speaking of boosting immunity which seems rather most important with the current scenario, we reckon that you give Hemp a go and watch its ways of working wonders. 

You ask how? Amongst various healing properties that it contains, the most pivotal property would be - the presence of Omega-3 and Omega-6 which plays a huge role in reducing inflammation and also has high levels of magnesium and Vitamin E that helps fight viruses. 


Including Hemp products as a part of your daily food, helps in overall health as it has a direct impact in boosting immunity. When your immunity is strong it helps create, store and distribute your body’s white blood cells to fight the bacteria and viruses that attack it.

It largely comes down to what you consume. With everyone on the lookout to cook healthy and nutritious meals at home, a handful of hemp can go into any one of your meals and you’re good to go! Whether it's a sprinkle, shake or drizzle our products at India Hemp And Co. are easy to use and filled with nourishment that you need. Head over to our cookbook and take a look at recipes to suit your palette. 



While there are plenty of ‘natural’ ways to improve the immune system you can try simple ways such as - eating a healthy and balanced diet that includes a lot of fruit and vegetables. Ensure you get eight hours of good quality restorative sleep at night. Exercise. Be mindful of the content you consume online. Breathing exercises are a great way to deal with anxiety. Revive a lost hobby or pick up a new one. 

Our bodies are machines that need to be tended to with love and care. When all of this is done in moderation, and you thrive, you breathe, you live a little more! Let’s do what it takes. We may not be in it together but know that we’re here for each other. Have a story to contribute? Read out to us, we’d love to get to know you! Join our community, read up stories on how our community is doing what it takes to survive these tough times. To check our our range our products CLICK HERE

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