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Good Dogggo Hemp Treats - Contest

Last month we launched our hemp treats for good dogs and of course we wanted to share our happiness with all of our furry friends. In a contest we ran, we asked our community to share pictures of ‘Show us you're a good doggo without saying you are a good doggo!’ 


We’re sharing with you some of the heartwarming photos and videos that came in entries.

To re-emphasize they were all contesting for our high protein 100% natural, Hemp Doggo Treats which have tons of benefits! Here’s a quick list of why this treat is perfect for your fur buddies!

Supports in bone and joint health

  • Soothes anxiety
  • Softens skin and coat
  • Strengthens immunity and gut health

These bite-size discuits (as we call them) are a great nutritional supplement as well as a fun, healthy way to bond with your doggos. Nothing but the best for them. Introducing our all-natural, all-nutritious Hemp snack, delicious and healthy!

As for the contest - we had a hard time judging it and you'll see exactly why. Featuring our top contest entries for ‘GOOD DOGGOs’ who we think deserve our Hemp treats. Try and pick a favourite, we challenge you! Here goes!

Having such excellent communication skills, who wouldn't consider him a great doggo?


Is there a doggo who's more cooperative than this? We have not only a good but stylish doggo here

This guy knows his tricks. Teach them young!

It's only fair to reward this doggo for his patience. Fuzzy and patient, that's a great combo.


Oh Oscar! We'll just send everything we have his way. Those eyes!


Praying for treats? We've got you covered.

You've got a keeper here. A true example of man’s best friend.


As a result of this cuteness overload, we reached out to our community to pick our winner and they chose @Scotchthepoodle. But the good news is that our Hemp treats for Good Doggos are now up for sale on our website(hyperlink to product) Treat your doggos to good nutrition while you're at it.

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