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Sustainable Living – today & everyday!

Hemp as known to us is possibly one of the most important plant on earth today because of how it correlates and ties into a Sustainable way of life, which is the need of the hour. 

By consuming/using  Hemp you’re not only helping and providing your body with a lot of benefits but the bigger picture is that you’re also aiding the planet. You ask how? We’ve broken it down for you ☺ 

  • Hemp can feed the world (super high on nutrients and essential fatty acids) 
  • Hemp can clothe the world (stronger than cotton and more fibrous)
  • Hemp can build the world (without further depletion of exhausted resources)
  • Hemp can heal the world (thriving of bees, reduction of Co2, prevention of deforestation) 

Aside from its impressive track record as a nutritional supplement and a game changer in more than many aspects, there is a lot to hemp than just being a trendy superfood.

Looking at the brighter side of things this year, it’s been a special one for us for having celebrated our existence with a subject so close to our hearts as India Hemp & Co turned a year old. On account of our anniversary we decided to engage with our large close knit online community to show the rest of the world how simple it is to live a sustainable life in the form of recycling/upcycling material around us. We held a contest called the #UrbanUpcycle challenge that encouraged people to create products from unused material and give it an up-do to create something productive and useful. They were asked to share with us a before and after image of the product.  We were pleasantly surprised to see all the inspiring initiatives being undertaken!  

Some of which were upcycled to become a center table, a bathtub into a pond, bee box frames into suspended lights, doodles that transformed to balcony decor, plenty of upcycle furniture pieces, our canisters become planters and pencil holders, yogurt tub converted to a memory frame with pictures and many more.

A grater converted to a earring stand


10 days later we had 2 absolutely inspiring people who had created a piece of art that had so much value to hold in terms of what inspired them to create what they’d made! The contest was judged by a panel of 3 judges on the basis of a) creativity b) complexity c) impact on the environment

Terracota pots upcycled to a basin


Our first winner SR Gopal Rao – a heritage and luxury optical store upcycled a bin entire made from glass lenses at their store to promote further upcycling old frames and lenses. The complexity involved in creating these stunning piece work surely deserved a win. 

Upcycled glass and lenses

Our second winner BlueSkyThinkin pushed boundaries to create multiple products of which a few have been mentioned previously – absolute magic to imagine the outcome of every single one of them.

A short interview with the creators behind these products on their inspiration and here’s what they went on to say ‘Walking an eco-friendly and sustainable path is the only way forward and this contest helped us realize how simple it can be’ while our other winner says ‘We believe in recreating magic and as a team the last few weeks we have been doing just that’ If there’s one thing we’ve taken back from this initiative is that to constantly inspire and be inspired!

If you’re looking for your next set of DIY’s to create, look us on our instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/indiahempandco/) and re-create all the magic from our #UrbanUpcycle projects!

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