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Shark Tank Experience: Our Takeaways 

The sheer scale of the show left us in awe and inspired us to explore and challenge ourselves constantly. 

Shark Tank India has created ripples in conversations right from  office chats to those across our dining tables. About  innovation, ideas, feminism, family businesses, deals and entrepreneurs. Not to forget the more entertaining world of memes and comedy reels! Our experience has taught us that there is no shortcut to building a successful business. On the other hand, there are no biases in business either. For us to represent the 13.76% of women entrepreneurs in India and to be a part of this list, we are proud!

We were impressed with the ideas that other contestants presented, regardless of background, education, qualification, or even gender, everyone here was looking for ways to scale their business ideas. Only proving India is a true hub for new start-ups. The show offers a chance for anyone with an idea and a scalable business model to participate. A brilliant learning experience.

We were aired on 12th January 2022. We’re humbled and grateful for the response we’ve received, the new avenues and conversations that have sparked. We’re thankful to our team and everyone that has worked with us in the past and present. Our key takeaways from this experience are

  • To be clear and concise with your pitch and product
  • Take a problem solving approach to the market
  • Be a math whiz, inside and out
  • Welcome feedback and criticism 

Extremely grateful for you - our community, who’s supported us constantly, our families who stood by us  and watched our company grow through 2 pandemics. Most of all extremely thankful for being able to experience this journey and a real honor to represent Hemp and bring about awareness on national television for the first time ever!


Now that people are better able to understand Hemp, the market will be more open to exploring. Additionally, we see that many are about to gain from this, as people will now want to grow Hemp in their independent states, and slowly but surely, policies will begin to change. Shark Tank couldn’t have come at a better time, the FSSAI mandate came out just 2 weeks before the show - which has now opened up multiple mediums of distribution. 

Thank you for reading through our experience. We’re constantly on the look out for collaborators that seem fit and hold similar values as our brand. Feel free to write in to us with your propositions (connect@indiahempandco.com)  we’d love to hear from you!

We invite you to join us on this journey, connect with us and share your experiences leading a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

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