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My first experience with Hemp

Hemp is the kind of food that doesn't necessarily taste great on its own but oh boy does it balance and bring out the flavours of a dish! I cook as a hobby and realised that I can use hemp hearts as a sprinkle and as a main ingredient in many western dishes and even in some Indian ones. In the last few months since the company has kicked off, I am pretty much hooked on this ancient seed for its immediate health benefits and versatility. Read up more on its connection with Ayurveda here

As a fitness enthusiast, I have been struggling with the after effects of Whey protein for years, it makes me feel bloated and causes immediate inflammation in my sinuses. Most people don't realise that Whey is very high in Lactose and if you are like me - borderline or even highly lactose intolerant that you would feel the same after a Whey protein shake. This is where Hemp Protein Powder comes in, it contains almost as much protein per gram as Whey and also a very balanced nutrient and fiber profile.


Hemp has a 50% protein content and is regarded highly because it is so easily digestible. Hemp protein incorporates all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids. Whey contain saturated fats as well as cholesterol, while hemp protein only has unsaturated fats.

The trail mix I use in my smoothies as well as a sprinkle on my buddha bowls, grilled vegetables, hummus and on my guilty pleasure (Corner House ice cream and chocolate sauce). I am now sold on the idea of hemp and am keen to see the various uses India Hemp & Co. can introduce us too!

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Submitted by Zeshan Rahaman.


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