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Hemp huddle, for your Holidays!

Just like that, in a blink of an eye it's December and we can't help but feel like celebrating!  

Although celebration of any kind this year has a new meaning entirely. Whether it's taking a short vacation to a close destination, or staying home and cocooned in a warm blanket in this cold weather - we bring to you a few tips on how our hemp can make your holidays happier (and healthier)! 

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Here’re 5 ways to use Hemp to nurture, heal, balance & reset!

1) Hemp is not just a trend, it’s an efficient way to manage your nutritional needs. If you’ve been following the buzz it’s been creating internationally, you probably know already that it’s here to stay, rather it's being revived.

Where else can you get your protein, carbs, amino acids, Omega 3&6, vitamins, minerals packed neatly together? If you’re a lazy chef (ahem.. like some of us here). It’s a smart, easier way to fuel your body!  

Our Hemp Protein deserves a special shout out - whether it's recouping from a long flight or muscle recovery from climbing/trekking/exploring it is an ideal source of protein fix and a great pick-me-up for an instant boost of energy!

2) Hemp helps you ease into winter: Winter blues or winter flu, foods rich in    Omega 3 is the secret key to keeping your moods in check while also feeling healthy and energised. Another common symptom during this season is cold, cough, sore throat - hemp products such as Hemp Hearts, Hemp Protein and Hemp Trail Mix that are strong on anti-inflammatory qualities are a great remedy during these times. For those that suffer from muscle aches, joint and bone pain in this cold season our Hemp Oil works its way to easen out the pain and bring in a sense of comfort. 

3) Another part that goes through the most evident change is our skin in winter. A couple of drops of Hemp oil on a daily basis and you’ll thank us for the changes you see :) For it moisturizes without closing your pores, it not only balances out dryness but neutralises the regulation of oily skin too.

4) Did you know? Hemp makes a great travel buddy! Fact ;) 

We took our hemp on an adventure, it catered to such different dietary requirements and needs. 

Our speciality and eco-friendly canisters are easy to carry (do secure them well), make our products comfortable enough to tuck away in a little corner of your baggage.

Now with our Hemp Trail Mix and Hemp Hearts which are extremely nutrient dense it not only adds that extra nourishment to your food but also helps in keeping your holiday energy levels in check. 

Sprinkle or shake over a bowl of fruits, salads, soups or even a dessert to add some neutral flavoured nutty crunch to your food. If you like the idea of snacking then our Hemp Trail Mix which is a blend of a variety of seeds is a great option too!

5) Nutrition deserves priority be it a regular day of the week or even on holiday. We understand that at times we are always never in the comfort of putting together a wholesome meal - but then we have Hemp products as a substitute! Happy to share with you some easy holiday recipes that won't take much of your time and effort to give your body the nourishment it deserves.

Smoothie Bowls - make yourself a fruit/vegetable based smoothie. Add in fruits and greens of your choice, any preference of milk and stir it up with a tablespoon of Hemp Protein Powder and give it a blend. If you’d like to add in an extra crunch, top it up with some Hemp seeds.


Fresh crunchy salad - either ordered at a restaurant or made at home, sprinkle some of our hemp trail mix and a drizzle of hemp oil to give it that extra boost of flavour and health goodness.

We ain't skipping desserts :) Try some Sourdough bread with organic hazelnut chocolate spread, topped with hemp hearts. It’s like a match made in heaven.

These recipes have been tried and tested and were a HUGE hit among our happy holiday-goers. A big shout out and full credit to Mariam Begg, a certified health coach who practices holistic nutrition and wellness for leading the way and showing us some super delicious and easy ways to holiday with hemp. Who would have thought healthy eating on a holiday could be this fun & easy! 

Just Sprinkle. Snack. Shake or Spread!

Hemp Hampers

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Head over to our shop (https://www.indiahempandco.com/collections/all) and gift the goodness of health to yourself or a loved one this season! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Make this season count! 

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