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Global Hemp Culture and India Recipes with Hemp

Bringing you to the cultural aspect of Hemp connected with food habits from across continents that bind us together. This article consists of two parts that will throw light on collaborators who we’ve associated with to have created beautiful and healthy recipes with our products - 1) Indian recipes with Hemp 2) Global recipes with us. We hope you enjoy reading and then creating these dishes just as much as we love sharing them with you!


Cultural aspect of Hemp that binds the world together

Hemp culture goes a long way - from ancient China being one the oldest cultivators of Hemp, to Japan for weaving clothes and ropes, America pronouncing hemp as a billion dollar crop, Middle Eastern countries used hemp for its fiber, the Soviet union, UK and Europe where hemp agriculture was most common from back in the day. India glorified this crop to be a sacred plant for all the medicinal properties it carried. Amazing to know how it was a part of almost every culture worldwide, isn't it? :) Most common factor being the use of Hemp in food across continents.


Indian recipes with Hemp 

Today the most accessible form of using Hemp in India is through FOOD! At India Hemp & Co we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing Chefs with people of different cultures and backgrounds across India. Safe to say that all them have done complete justice in bringing out some outstanding flavours and recipes from this nutrient dense seed! If Indian flavours tantalise your taste buds then we’ve got something for you -  Hemp recipes that work phenomenally well with the Indian palette. Whichever part of the day you pick to get your Hemp fix, here are some nutritious recipes to choose from :)


We’ve incorporated the use of all our products in these recipes. If these inspire you to create something of your own, do remember to tag us on your instagram page. This is us @indiahempandco



An integral part of most meals through the day in any Indian household. Bursting with flavours of sweetness, sourness with salt as a binding factor, blending perfectly well with locally grown spices.

Green Tomato Chutney with Hemp Hearts



Main Course 

Appam and Veg Stew: Warm fluffy appams served with a slow cooked coconut stew. A popular coastal dish from South India. Surprise ingredients include Hemp protein powder and Hemp trail mix ;)


Veg Stew with Hemp Trail Mix




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