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First of its kind, a Hemp-Powered Kitchen in India

We were welcomed with open arms and full plates to the city of palaces last month, to collaborate with a team who fit right within our vision for Hemp and its use in food. The city of art and architecture, fairs and festivals, culturally rich and drool worthy vegetarian food - makes Jaipur one of the most popular hubs for travelers from within the country and overseas worth visiting. One thing for sure is that the food in Jaipur will sweep you off your feet and steal your heart forever. With the concept of experimental food taking over it has opened up a new window for us to introduce a Hemp-powered kitchen in the city.




Our partners

The Goyal family who own experiential properties across Rajasthan recently introduced Soul Stir: a-state- of- the- art kitchen in Jaipur. A cloud kitchen concept that focuses largely on fresh and nutrient dense food. Working closely with their team from conceptualisation, to menu engineering bringing out unique flavours and combinations with our various hemp products was a delightful experience. The founders celebrated the launch of this concept through a multi-sensory tasting event with much glam and grandeur to match the city :)


Multi-sensory tasting experience

The power of engaging all 5 senses - sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell is what made the launch event an extraordinary one. A fabulous experience curated by the team @the.envelop founded by Jai Sharma was something that everyone who was a part of it, would remember for a long time. A room full of talented chefs, menu curators, lifestyle bloggers, food enthusiasts, restaurateurs brought together for everyone's common love for FOOD! 

Sight - a room within a room that was designed with a theme to suit the tasting experience of a cuisine from a certain region. A visual treat indeed from the tasteful choice of decor that included lighting and a exotic table setting

Sound - music has the power to enhance the way your food tastes. We couldn’t agree more after hearing @cherrysvocal who took to the sensory dimension of acoustics making it an extraordinary experience.

Touch - familiarising everyone present in the room with the various textures of our hemp products that involves hemp hearts - hulled whole seeds, hemp protein - a fine powder of hemp seeds, Trail Mix - a mixture of a flax, pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts, hemp oil - a dense green liquid

Taste - flavour packed food with locally sourced ingredients that consisted of Parmesan zucchini rolls and Mexican veg wraps as appetizer, Poached pear and walnut salad for entree and delicious banoffee pie for dessert. The communal experience of a sit down meal, discussing our experience across the table enhanced the overall event of tasting.

Smell - alluring fragrance from fresh herbs, citrus, greens and veggies almost as if to reassure our taste buds of its freshness that we ate in the food that was laid out. 

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Reach Out

If you’re a brand that is moving towards the direction of experimental, healthy nutritious food or, you’re bold and curious enough to play with new ingredients and flavours - give us a shout and we could work some magic in your kitchen too!

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