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5 ways to use Hemp Hearts - easy and healthy!

In this blog post we’d like to show you how to use hemp seeds in your daily foods with these top 5 food inspirations.

While Hemp is being celebrated with a great comeback, we couldn’t be happier! Hemp seeds have quickly gained popularity, landing in health food stores, and even mainstream markets across the country. They are tasty, a go-to addition to any dish, packed with nutrients!

Explore ways in which hemp-seeds, hemp hearts as you know them can be a part of your daily meals, we’ve got you covered from breakfast to dinner.


1) Sprinkle Them Over Everything! Their nutty flavor, fabulous nutrition profile, and ease makes them ideal toppings for cereals, chia seed pudding, plant-based yogurt, avocado toast, grain bowls, trail mix, and beyond. Not only do hemp seeds pair well with just about any dish, but they also provide an additional source of protein, fiber, and omega-3s!

Oatmeal topped with nut butter, pomegranate and hemp hearts. A perfect balance of antioxidants, important vitamins and essential healthy fats.

Recipe credit: Yoga Caro


2) Lunch with Hemp seeds are fabulous! Simply stir them into your salads, breads, stir fries, sautee’s, daal, anything you like. You’re definitely going to like them. Yum!

Moringa leaves kichidi with a sweet potato fry topped with Hemp hearts.

Recipe credit: Rasayana Mysore Kitchen


3) Blend Hemp Seeds Into Your Smoothies! Pack protein and healthy fats into your next fruit or veggie smoothie with a spoonful of hemp seeds. It’s a great energy boost for breakfast or anytime pick-me-up that will keep you feeling full!

Blueberry yoghurt smoothie bowl with Hemp Hearts

Recipe credit: The Veggie Vigilante


4) Season it up! If you’re in the mood for a healthy snack, adding hemp hearts is a great option. Add them to your energy balls, granola’s, trail mix, plant-based dips goes perfectly well with all. Mix Hemp seed for a nutrient-dense combination.

Favourite and easy to make energy balls. Base+binder+natural sweetener+crunch factor. The perfect equation for a healthy snack.

Recipe credit: Copper+Cloves


5) Feed that sweet tooth with Hemp! Rich and hearty, this could be your next favourite for real! Flavor it up and use them on brownies, fruit bowls, cakes for a satisfying, protein-packed nutritious dessert.

Chocolate brownies topped with Hemp Hearts.

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