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FAQs Hempboocha - Elevate Every Sip

Hemp Kombucha

Answering all your questions about Hempboocha!

Introducing India Hemp and Co.'s groundbreaking innovation in the beverage sector: Hempboocha!

Proudly crafted in Bangalore, India Hemp and Co. has become Asia's pioneer in hemp-based food products. Now, they are revolutionizing the market yet again by launching the first hemp-based kombucha in India.

What is Hemp- Kombucha/Hempboocha?

Hempboocha is a harmonious fusion of the finest kombucha made from hibiscus flowers, strawberries, lemon and hemp seeds. It harnesses the benefits of hemp to combine it with the time honored art of fermentation.

Hemp seeds do not contain THC, making the hempboocha non-hallucinogenic (i.e. you can’t get cross-faded on this). The seeds, which have now featured in different foods, drinks and even beauty products across the globe, are hailed as a superfood with medicinal properties. 

Tell me some of the benefits of Hemp-Kombucha/Hempboocha!

With a rich blend of probiotics, antioxidants, and essential nutrients, Hempboocha offers a refreshing and wholesome experience like never before.

How do I know India Hemp & Co?

India Hemp and Co. has made significant strides in the hemp industry, being the first hemp brand to appear on Shark Tank Season 1 India and has played a pivotal role in establishing the hemp category in India. It’s an innovative company run by sister Jayanti & Shalini Bhattacharya.

Where do you get your ingredients?

The hemp seeds are sourced from Uttrakhand, Jayanti Bhattacharya, the co-founder of India Hemp and Co. says about the secret recipe, “We wanted our hempboocha to be a healthy yet flavour packed beverage and also carry the distinctive hemp flavour that we love. We have used lemon, strawberries, hemp and hibiscus flowers - all contributing to the perfect balance of our hempboocha.”

What’s the best way to consume it

“It’s best served chilled and also makes for the perfect healthy mixer.” says Shalini Bhattacharya, co-founder of India Hemp and Co.

Enjoy India Hemp & Co’s latest launch - a bubbly, refreshing, probiotic beverage. The best part? No hangovers.”

With our hemp-based kombucha, we are setting a new benchmark in the beverage industry, showcasing our commitment to innovation, health, and sustainability.

Where can we find it?

Crafted in association with Kombucherie private limited in Bangalore, the Hempboocha retails at Rs.260 per 250ml cans in India.

Free shipping on packs of 4 and 6!

The Hempboocha will primarily be available on the company’s website www.indiahempandco.com and also through retail outlets across India.