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Few Frozen Mango chunks
Nut/Seed Butter 1 tsp
Hemp Trail Mix
Hemp Hearts
A papaya (cut in halves and de-seeded)
Chia seeds - 1 tbsp
Oats (soaked overnight) - 1 tbsp
milk of your choice - 100 ml
vanilla - couple of drops
cinnamon PINCH for some extra flavour
Homemade Granola

Tropicla Papaya Boat

Some of our fvourite tropical fruits, all put together with Hemp Hearts and Hemp Seed Trail Mix - Fruits, and hemp- a combination you can never go wrong with

Use one of the papaya halves to load up all the different ingredients listed and top it off with some hemp trail mix and hemp hearts. This is the simplest dish you can and it also super tasty, delightfully nutritious and refreshing. Recipe Contrinuted by Neha